Chapter 3-4

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Chapter 3: Part 4

The girls bought a plentiful amount of shoes and whatever, and of course I had to hold them as we returned home. Being surrounded by bishoujo, Orito seemed quite pleased. On parting, he made clear to me that I definitely had to bring the girls the next time we went bowling.

“Hah… I’m beat! This world isn’t bad, is it?! It’s not just something I would throw away!”

As soon as she got back home, Haruna plucked the things I was holding away from me and leapt up the stairs.

She was probably going to start a little personal fashion show in her room.

“Wait, Haruna! Put these on! Naked if you could… no, with a maid outfit!”

As I chased Haruna up the stairs, I took out a nekomimi (1) hair band. Of course, I had mittens shaped like paws too~~!

“You hentai! You Erobone Vanguard!” (2)

“Wha, This isn’t Cosmo Babylonia or somethi-“ (3)

Cutting me off, she quickly moved behind me and with a reverse frankensteiner (4) , sent my head flying into the floor of the entranceway. She would have definitely looked cute in nekomimi though…

“Don’t be so rowdy please! It’s a bother.”

As if she had her feelings hurt by Sera’s words, Haruna violently ascended the stairs. I headed for the living room with Yuu to wipe off the blood that was flowing from my nose. Gotta get a tissue.


Alone, Sera gazed fixedly at the mirror that was decorating the entranceway. I secretly watched her to figure out what she was doing, when surprisingly, she picked up the nekomimi hair band and put it on.

“…………. Nyah.” (5)

She faced the mirror and took up a pose. Then, perhaps getting embarrassed, she quickly took the hair band off and threw it away from her.

What a charming thing to see. I had bought it to see if I could get Haruna to wear it, but I was fully satisfied with just this. I began to call out to Sera, but then decided that it was probably better if I pretended I never saw that.

Well, she let me see something nice, so maybe we’ll have pizza tonight…

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(1) Cat ears, but words I expect most readers to know so I will leave them untranslated.

(2) A Gundam reference. Crossbone Vanguard is apparently a team in Gundam or something. Whatever. These references…

(3) Basically, something something Crossbone Vanguard something blahblah some other shit I don’t care about something something. Understood?

(4) Wrestling move. Feel free to youtube it.

(5) For those who don’t know, this is the Japanese equivalent to “meow.”

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