Chapter 3-2

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Chapter 3: Part 2

That’s exactly how Tomonori had looked, but right now she was scowling at me, like someone who had just chugged a liter of soy sauce.

After we had promised to go stargazing together, I found myself at the station waiting for Tomonori at around five in the evening. And when Tomonori arrived, her face fell into that scowl before anybody had a chance to say anything.

“Why… why isn’t Aikawa alone?!”

“Huh? You got some kinda complaint about me?”

Tomonori was near tears when she saw a short girl in front of her. The girl’s eyes were huge and catlike, and her ahoge would have put an anglerfish to shame. This was the small-breasted, idiot Haruna, who looked just as bratty and overly confident as ever. When I had told her I was going stargazing with Tomonori, she decided to tag along as well.

“Maybe I really shouldn’t have let her come…”

“Nah, it’s fine I guess. But let’s at least go and change into more proper clothes…”

Tomonori drooped her shoulders. Now that she mentioned it, I saw that even though Tomonori had made this sound like a fun trip, she was wearing pretty heavy clothes… eh? Were we going to go climb a mountain or something? Don’t tell me… this was going to be the real deal kind of stargazing?

I glanced at my side. The November air was pretty chilly, but she was wearing a short skirt. Her black high-socks came up to her thighs, but they really wouldn’t protect her very well from the cold either.

I was also just wearing a parker over a shirt. It was an outfit that would be more suited for a shopping trip in the city.

“Anyways! Yukinori wants to go somewhere, right? Come on, take us there!”

Haruna was a master at forgetting people’s names, so she called Tomonori Yukinori. And Tomonori called Haruna master.

The two of them knew each other as cooking companions. But Haruna was the master, and Tomonori was like her disciple.

Haruna gave Tomonori a cocky smile. Was she supposed to be the daughter of a military general or something?

“Master… you really should change out of those-“

Haruna completely ignored Tomonori’s advice and went into the station. Seeing Tomonori’s mood dropping, I put my head comfortingly on her head.

“Sorry about this. The minute I told her I was going to look at stars with you, she said she wanted to go too.”

“Aikawa… what about you?”


“Aikawa… do you want to go see the stars?”

“Yeah… they’re pretty amazing, right?”

“Yeah! Super amazing!”

Tomonori flashed me a pearly white smile, her expression shining brighter than the summer sun.

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