Chapter 1-4

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Chapter 1: Part 4

And well, after this and that, 1pm on Saturday rolled around.

Sera was wearing a dazzling white dress under a down coat, almost as if she had been nominated for an Academy Award or something. I followed her as we went towards Roppongi. (1)

The weather was cloudy. The weather was rarely sunny these days, and I couldn’t be happier.

Zombies were weak towards sunlight. Enjoy that little piece of trivia.

“Ayumu, please try to not look too disgusting today. It would give me great displeasure if the others thought that I was strange as well. I’ll stick a needle through your lips, okay?”

She was going to sew my mouth shut?! As I heard the ponytailed beauty walking next to me tell me that, I walked forwards stiffly, almost as if I was going to battle.

Also, this was a meeting, right? Judging from Sera’s outfit, it seemed more like a party or something…

Well, this wasn’t good… I was going to a mixer after this, so I was just wearing a jacket I liked and some ripped jeans. I went for a casual outfit, but to match Sera I should’ve been in a tuxedo instead.

We weren’t far from our destination. Once we got there, I saw Saras in an elegant long coat.

“Ohh, my darling. You’ve come.”

Saras opened her arms and greeted me. Eh? Can I hug her? No no, definitely not! This was a trap! Instead, I just raised one hand and gave her a “Yo” in greeting.

Sera stopped walking and crossed her arms.

“Saras… what is the meaning of that odd greeting?”

It seemed that Sera wasn’t really pleased with what Saras had called me. Saras was Sera’s superior, but they always talked as if they were equals. They often butt heads, but I’d say they were friends.

“I’m just expressing my love. Nothing more.”

Sera didn’t put it into words, but I’m sure she thought that this was disgusting.

“Also, Seraphim. As always, you’ve come dressed like a harlot.”

Harlot, huh… I guess that’s one way to look at it. After all, that pure white dress of hers had such a daring V-cut in it that I couldn’t look at anything other than her cleavage.

“You’re the last person I want to hear that from.”

Sera didn’t sound pleased. If I just left them like this, I could see a ninja battle where someone said “You’re really something, aren’t you?!” after every attack breaking out (2), so I butt myself into the conversation.

“By the way, what’s Saras wearing to this meeting?”

“My dear low-life darling. Are you that interested? How greedy of you.”

She opened her coat, almost as if she was waiting for me to ask that. Her black dress was the exact opposite of Sera’s, and also suited her quite well. Maybe she was a bit worried about her smaller breast size, but her dress was also a bit less daring.

“So, what’s in the bag?”

“My stage costume.”

Stage costume? Saras opened the big bag. Inside it was… a costume I’d expect a punk rock band member to wear. There were a pair of jean shorts and black tights. Even if I were to ignore the bottom part of her outfit, there wasn’t much fabric at all on the top half, was there?

… Wait… exactly what kind of meeting was I going to…?

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(1) One of the more expensive districts in Tokyo.

(2) A Naruto reference.

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