Chapter 4-2

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Chapter 4: Part 2

The next time I came to, I felt a surge of pain and quickly kicked myself upwards.

I had hands. I had legs. I was completely naked and underwater.

I almost felt like I was the Terminator, but I definitely had a heart, so I felt incredibly embarrassed.

Give me air! Please, everyone! Just give me a little air!

But the water was unexpectedly shallow. My head soon broke through the water’s surface.

There was no moon in the sky. Rather, the sky was so polluted that we might not have been able to even see the moon.

It was pitch black, but for a zombie like me. this wasn’t that much different from daytime.

I looked around me while I floated on top of the water. I realized that wherever I was, it was surrounded by a fence.

Was this… a pool? It was a school pool, wasn’t it? I sure fell in an out-of-the-way place.

I had no idea what school this was, but the first step was to climb out of the pool.

I felt a bit swollen all over, but there weren’t any obvious wounds on my body.

I leapt over the fence and headed for the school gate while looking around me.

Because the school building had a clock on it, I found out that it was currently three in the morning.

There was a naked guy wandering around a school pool at three in the morning. Anybody would have immediately thought I was a pervert.

But, most importantly, I had to figure out where I was.

From the name of the school, I realized that I had been blown about two train stations away…

Geez. It was at times like this that I really wished I was a ninja.

Well, then… Time for a run?

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