Chapter 2-1

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Chapter 2 – There’s no Enemy We Can’t Take Down!

Chapter 2: Part 1

There was no school on Saturday. Today I had plans to meet with that survivor of the serial murders.

After all, I wanted to know what kind of person had killed me. If I could get that information, I would gladly go meet with this person.

Long hair and a long thin weapon. From my memory of what had pierced me, it might have been a sword. Well, it’s not like that gave me much to go on, but this person was probably not a normal human, and might have been a vampire ninja or something close to that. I also considered the thought that it might have been a Megalo. That’s what I had considered, but…

“Megalo don’t have weapons.”

That’s what Haruna had asserted.

When I asked “Are you sure?” she responded “Of course I’m sure!!” and got angry.

And, from what Sera had said, vampire ninjas didn’t kill normal humans. There was some “law” that prevented that.

She went so far as to say, “Those that break the law are punished severely, but I have yet to see anyone suffer that punishment.”

Well, what kind of person was it then? If they had held one weapon in both hands I could understand, but going off killing people with two swords like that required an extreme amount of strength and skill. Well, it might have been possible for a zombie. And also for a certain vampire ninja-sama somewhere.

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