Update tomorrow

Sorry for the delay – was making sure Qualia launched properly this week.

Volume 8 Chapter 2 kickoff!

And so we start Chapter 2 with a nice hefty double release! Also, V8C1 has been consolidated into one page, so you can feel free to read it uninterrupted now.

No release this week. Double release next week.

In Europe eating croissants, so no time to update the site. I’ll post a double release this upcoming weekend.


Chapter 1 finished!

Working on chapter 2 now, will most likely have an update at the end of next week. Once I post chapter 2 I will consolidate all the chapter 1 parts into the same page.

Next part posted~


Chapter 1 double release!

Released a huge chunk of chapter 1 to make up for the lack of release last week (totals to around 20-30 pages). Regular releases should resume on weekends from here on out. I named it 1-1A because chapter 1 is technically all one huge part, and 1-1B which will be released next week is still part of chapter 1-1. When all parts of chapter 1 are posted ill concatenate all the parts into one document.


Volume 8 prologue finished!


By the way, Chapter 1 is only one part. One very very very long part. So it’ll be split into multiple releases.

I’ll try to get the first part up next week, but I’ll be in Japan so it may be difficult. In the event that I can’t get a release out next week, I’ll make a double release the following week (which should constitute around half the chapter).