Volume 7 starts this Sunday!

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be posting the typeset and translated color illustrations from Volume 7 this Sunday, which will kick off our translation of Volume 7!

I also wanted to talk about the update schedule for volume 7 – it will be very similar to that for volume 6. The only difference is that there will be a lot more parts that are split into two or parts that take 4 or 5 days to post. However, rest assured that the translation speed will not drop. It’s just that there’s a pretty different structure in volume 7 – it’s more story focused and the entire volume takes place over the span of less than a month in the novel world’s time. So this means longer parts but fewer of them, and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. But rest assured that more zombie fun will be brought to you at the same rate you’re used to from Volume 6.

Well then, see everyone on Sunday!

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