Chapter 4 done!

Chapter 5 is next. You thought this volume as 4 chapters? Nah, it’s actually six (but no epilogue).

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 4 done!

  1. You are awesome! Thanks for all the hard work! Would it be possible to give more information on the structure of the current volume e.g. you start with volume 7 and tell us from the start: “There will be 5 chapters” and maybe when you begin with chapter 1 you say: “There will be 6 parts”? You know, so we don’t have to suffer from uncertainty 🙂

    • Generally speaking there are 4 chapters per volume – this volume is a bit strange since it’s more a collection of short stories than an actual volume. As for the number of parts, actually I usually don’t know myself how many parts there will be since I translate as I read. You can usually make a rough estimate of the number of parts by eyeballing the progress bar though.

      • This volume can’t be canon either cuz that would mean all his classmates would realize that he’s a zombie and all that stuff.
        Anyway, thanks for all the hard work.

        • This is all canon I think. I’ve read a bit of Volume 7 and they refer back to it. You can imagine that they’re telling the stories in such a way that doesn’t really involve revealing Ayumu’s zombie-ness.

          I mean, the actual stories themselves are edited versions of prepublished short stories from Dragon Magazine, and I think they are all considered canon. But the harassment trial is just the meta-story that the author is using to try and tie all these things together – not the cleanest execution probably, but it all counts as canon.

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