Chapter 2 done!


Chapter 3 is next. By the way, does everyone like this new update schedule (something posted every 3 days or so)? I hope it is more effective at bringing more zombie fun to everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 2 done!

  1. Thanks for the update, it’s most appreciated. 😀

    And personally, I do love this new updating schedule of yours, the timer is a big relief for people like me who hate playing guessing games. Now we have a clear picture of when the next chapter segment will be up, barring something unforeseen of course. Anyway, can’t wait for Chapter 3 to begin. Until then…

  2. yeah, it makes it really easy to keep tabs on and i don’t have to be guessing on when it might be done translating

  3. Yes, the updates are close enough together that I don’t get frustrated waiting. I’ve given up on a lot of other LN because of that.

  4. I usually wait until everything is translated to start reading it, but knowing when it’ll be updated is reassuring. I like this schedule and timer thing.

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