Volume 6 schedule and beyond.

Hey all,

So, while that countdown timer ticks down, I wanted to just let you know how updates will work. The plan is to release a new part every 3 or 4 days (shorter parts will be 3, longer parts 4). This way, we’ll have a consistent stream of new zombie goodness coming in for all the readers to enjoy. Meanwhile, I will also try to release Sasami-san updates every 5-6 days as well. Sometimes if a chapter part is particularly long or if I’m a bit stressed IRL I’ll take 5-6 days to get the next Zombie part out, but I will try to keep that to a minimum. Either way, the clock on the side should always be accurate – I promise to not be late once a timer is posted.

So here would be a sample schedule for the near future:

6/18/15: Korezon V6C1 Parts 1 and 2.
6/21/15: Korezon V6C1 Part 3
6/23/15: Sasami-san V3 translated color illustrations
6/24/15: Korezon V6C1 Part 4
6/28/15: Korezon V6C1 Part 5
6/29/15: Sasami-san V3 Chapter 1

etc. etc.

And yes, I’ll post two parts to kick off V6C1 since it’s been a few weeks since Korezon has had an update. The second part is fairly beefy, so look forwards to it!

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