Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Ends at 18!

Judging by the amazon.jp comments, this is indeed the case. Volume 18 is the final volume. Hooray!

Yes, there is a “Volume 19” announced for June, but judging based on the description it seems to be an extra collection of short stories rather than a proper volume. So I’ll still consider 18 the end.

By the way, expect the Vol 6 prologue to be up by the end of the week.

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7 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Ends at 18!

  1. Yeah, it was written on animesuki too. There was someone who wrote that the volume 19 will be out June so I thought that it’ll continue but when I read the description on the website, I knew that it was really the end.
    Really, what a shame… Why “Hooray!” ? Are you happy that it ended ? Well, in a sense it’s a good news…but I’m still sad T_T
    By the way, thanks for the volume 5. Good luck for translating the rest.

    • There aren’t many series that can get too far past 15 volumes without getting stale. It’s nice to see that it’ll get a proper ending without pushing the story too thin.

  2. Sad that’s now the ending was confirmed. But for me the Translated Novel still ongoing so until nanodesu reach volume 18 then I will let my feels out.

  3. Kinda sad that it’s gonna end. Everything ends tho, here’s hoping that he actually ends up with someone, *cough* Yuu *cough*, and it’s not like so many others that just leave it unresolved. Even when it’s fairly obvious who they’ll be with, it’s nice to have the resolution when it ends.

  4. It’s not over till it’s translated. :p Also hope that stupid yenpress or some other publisher doesn’t license it. I was so pissed when SAO and MKnR were licensed. Mainly because it takes them a year to release two. And since they were both passed vol 10 in really sucked. MKnR was on vol 16!!!

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