Volume 5 is finished!

Hooray! Everything is now posted and ready for reading!

I’ve already started on Volume 6. I will warn you though that Volume 6 does not continue the plot of Volume 5. Instead, it is a series of little comedic episodes. The basic idea is that Ayumu is on trial for being a perv and both sides present evidence supporting or defending that accusation. The main story continues in Volume 7.

Honestly, I like this change of pace – I’ve always found the comedy in Korezon to be way stronger than the action anyways, so I’m fine with having an entire volume of just comedy. Still, I know that some readers might be a bit annoyed by this and want to know what happens next in the story, so I’ll actually give you an option. Either I translate Volume 6 and then Volume 7, or I do both simultaneously and alternate chapters. I’m fine with alternating chapters, especially since Volume 7 doesn’t require any knowledge of Volume 6 to understand.

If you have a preference, please place your votes here:

Note that either way, I will be doing the prologue and chapter 1 of Volume 6 first, so this poll will remain open until then.

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9 thoughts on “Volume 5 is finished!

  1. As long as you’re still translating this series, I could hardly care at this point. Thanks for all of the work.

  2. Oho, I wondered why there seemed to be a volume gap in the story, now I know why. So Ayumu being tried for unabashed perversion and revulsion, too silly. A nice change of pace before the serious stuff starts up again. Until then…

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