Editor Recruitment for Zombie!

Hey all,

With Volume 5 soon coming to a close, I want to begin running the entirety of Volume 5 through an editing pass before releasing to PDF/ePub. So to get this done a bit more efficiently, I am looking for one additional editor to help. If interested, please send us an email at nanodesuadmin@googlegroups.com with the following info:

– Name (or screen-name)
– Age
– Brief description of English experience.
– Is English your first language? second? thirty-fourth?
– Brief description of prior editing experience, or if none, a brief description of why you would like to edit for us.
– In addition to the above information, please complete and send us the editor’s diagnostic: http://www.mediafire.com/?25m0dt6526f311r

Please note that if you’re interested, it is also possible to work on projects other than KoreZon with our group (we can figure out all the details after you’re accepted). This is a first come first serve position, so please act quickly if you would like to be considered!

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