Update about the Vol 3 PDF/Epub

Hey all,

I know people are waiting for the volume 3 PDF/epub. I just got word that our typesetter assigned to this project is currently in bed with typhoid. Our other typesetter is currently busy with GJ-Bu Vol 1 typesets. So I apologize, but it looks like it may be a bit longer before you can read volume 3 in PDF.

We do have an opening for a new PDF typesetter now though, if you are interested in getting this PDF out sooner. Please take a look at the relevant post on the main page if interested.

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2 thoughts on “Update about the Vol 3 PDF/Epub

  1. Wow, I hope he gets better. Don’t know much about typhoid fever but health should come first over most everything. I send my bests especially since it’s Christmas.

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