Volume 3, Chapter 1 done!

Hooray! Enjoy the read.


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10 thoughts on “Volume 3, Chapter 1 done!

  1. I’m new here and I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but why don’t you upload it to Baka-Tsuki?
    For most people this wont change a thing, but I read most of my LN’s on my android with the BT app, so if you could upload it to BT It’d be a huge help for me =D
    Anyway, good job on the translations and keep up the good work

    • It unfortunately changes a lot for us, since BT is a wiki, and without going into each and every nitty gritty detail, there are definite levels of support and organization on which we rely that BT would not be able to provide.

      • Adobe Reader didn’t work on my android and I didn’t know about this Office Suite, after I downloaded it it worked, so thanks a lot, now I can read PDF LNs =D

        • there are plenty of apps that allow you to read pdf, take a look on some of them when you have time and i hope you can find one that suit your likes.

          i like the adobe and the office suite because of the “adjust zoom to fit width” option. when the phone is at landscape position this option shows to be very usefull.

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