Prologue done, Chapter 1 in progress!

Enjoy the ride. And have a random fun poll:

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10 thoughts on “Prologue done, Chapter 1 in progress!

  1. It is not the best studio between the choices, but I think zombie (the season 1 mostly) have a JC staff “feeling”.

  2. As a huge Shaft fan (my top 2 favorite anime are Madoka and ef), they would be my top choice. Otherwise, I like the way the show is now, so I’d be more than happy with Deen continuing it. Other than that, I really like some of JC Staff’s stuff, so that would be good, and Kyoani is a pretty good studio so it would also be good. Ghibli would be really interesting, but I don’t think they are quite right for it.

    • I agree with most of you said, except kyoto, their animes is actually a bunch of crybaby and I wouldn’t like to see Eu transformed in a K-ON character.

      The problem with Deen is that they made the second season awfully bad. What the hell was that last episode?

      • Kyoani has done some really good stuff. They did Clannad, Haruhi, Full Metal Panic, and Lucky Star. This clearly shows pretty good range. You are probably right in that they are likely not right for this show, but to assume they’d make Eu like a K-ON character is somewhat ridiculous.

        I really liked the second season. Chris is a wonderful villain, and the return of Kyoko was also a lot of fun. Admittedly, it felt unfinished, but that was because it was unfinished. I don’t see any issue in the adaptation (although I haven’t gotten that far in the LN yet, so maybe someone who has has room to complain).

        • I do agree with Gabrinius about Kyoani though. I haven’t seen their most recent productions, but the comedy in Korezon is pretty quick-paced and often slapstick, which is something I’ve never seen Kyoani pull off. Consider the fact that they made their fame initially for adaptations of VNs, and because of its pacing and plot Korezon would probably make a terrible VN.

          I don’t have an opinion about Deen cuz I’ve never seen the Korezon anime :D.

          • Kyoani may not be perfect for the show, although fumoffu had some similar characteristics as far as comedy goes. They certainly wouldn’t be my first choice (shaft would, then JC Staff or Deen), but I don’t think they’d hurt the show much.

            I don’t know what a Korezon VN would be like. It might be a lot of fun if done correctly. Regardless, Kyoani does have quite a few famous shows that didn’t come from VNs (Haruhi, FMP, Lucky Star, and Nichijou were all manga or light novel). Some of these even had fast paced slapstick comedy. I think they’d pull off a Korezon adaptation without much issue.

          • well, the only things i have an opinion about Deen is that i really like their character design. (Korezom, sankarea (the only good thing in that show is the design), fate/stay night)

            but their scripts are terrible. :O

        • But the Kyoani’s shows you use as example is from years ago, the animes they produce today ( gays at the pool) is totally diferent from haruhi, clannad, lucky star and FMP. (i liked the first episodes of Chuu2koi, the last ones is exaggerated and painfull crying and crying)

          and i don’t see why my worry about Eu being transformed in a K-ON character is ridiculous, even Suzumiya haruhi was turned into one in the second season of the anime. and all of their animes since 2008 have this same character design. (maybe Nichijou not)

          I liked the (history related part of) second season too, but it starts an arc and leave it undone and unexplained, ending with a random filler episode. even low-budget productions have an ending or something, but they simply put a filler totally unrelated with anything. that was ridicullous.

          • I am not watching Free, so I can’t comment on the show (although I know people who claim it isn’t as bad as it seems).

            Nichijou was pretty recent, so one of my examples was pretty recent.

            Admittedly, Kyoani seems to like a certain type of character, but they are adapting source material. From what I hear, Haruhi’s anime follows the light novel extremely closely. Their adaptation of Nichijou shows that they don’t feel the need to transform characters that aren’t like K-ON characters into them. AFAIK, Free also contains no K-ON like characters. Having not seen any other recent Kyoani characters, I can’t really speak about most of their recent shows, but I think Kyoani has shown their ability to adapt a show. I don’t think they will pick up this because it doesn’t fit their (especially their recent) style very well, but I think they could take it and adapt it well.

            Making up an ending would have been tragic. I’d much rather have it end the way it did than with some crappy anime only ending. I’ll take this over what Soul Eater did any day. Having not read the light novels, I can’t say how much further they’d have to go to reach a satisfying ending in the light novels, but I would imagine that adapting that amount into a single episode is impossible to do well. This leaves them required to produce a new season to give us a satisfying ending. Clearly, they haven’t yet decided that is worthwhile.

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