Volume 2 Chapter 2 completed!


The new translator is already working on Volume 3. I will try to get volume 2 done relatively quickly and then hand the project over to her capable hands.


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7 thoughts on “Volume 2 Chapter 2 completed!

  1. *ahem*

    Yay! Thank you very much for all your work thus far, and I look forward to the new translator’s efforts as well!

    This is one of those projects where if nothing else had actually come of it again, I would’ve shrugged, said something like, “Well, that’s too bad,” but accepted it happens and been happy that we got what we did. But then, hey, more arrives! Which is always a nice surprise. (Yes, “surprise” even though you announced a new translator a little over a month ago… Awesome memory here.)

    Thank you again!

    • I personally, would have hated it if I had to rely only on the anime for my korezombi fix, but, since I don’t have to, I feel like one of the things that needed to happen before I could die without regrets has been completed. Now I just need to find a chance to use the line “I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon!” In the appropriate context in a situation not engineered specifically to be able to use that line.

  2. The effort is much appreciated. Really looking forward to reading this after it fills in. The anime really hit a good spot on my sense of humor.

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