Possible new translator.

Although everything is far from confirmed, a new translator may be picking up KoreZon for our group in the summer. I will have more definitive news sometime down the road, but for now, there is some hope that we will be able to continue bringing you quality Korezon translations.

Please only treat this as very preliminary news though. Things still may change.

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10 thoughts on “Possible new translator.

  1. Thank god. I thought we were going to have to rely on those illiterate idiots over at sakurahonwhogivesafuck.

    There are a lot of people rooting for aproper tl of korezom. Please don’t give up on it.

    (been following your TL since I read about it on AS)

    • I don’t even think they will be doing zombie in the first place.

      And please keep in mind that I’m not even the one who’s going to be continuing the translation. So save that support for when (if) the new translator starts.

  2. Have you gotten a clear cut yes or no answer yet NanoDesu-sama? Or will it remain a maybe until summer?

  3. I think it’s kind of unfair to drop this in the first place because you weren’t interested by the plot. It picks up when Chris gets introduced and we get more more background info on Virie, the Underworld, the vampire ninjas and Dai-sensei. Before that it’s just typical harem hijinks with mahou shoujo elements thrown in.

    • If I had all the time in the world, I would translate Zombie. Unfortunately, I do not have all the time in the world, so I have to pick and choose my projects a bit more carefully. Still, we will probably have another translator pick this up.

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