KoreZombie will go on indefinite hiatus after Volume 2.

It is with great sadness that I announce that we will be putting the Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? translation on indefinite hiatus following the completion of volume 2. Unless another translator decides to pick up starting from Volume 3, or I find some random source of inspiration, Zombie updates will cease after I complete the entirety of the second volume. I have already selected the project that will replace Korezon, but will not announce it until Volume 2 is near completion.

If you would like to apply to take over this project, please check the translator application requirements on our main page!


I had an old reason put here over why I dropped Zombie, but I realized in retrospect it was completely bullshit. Zombie is actually fairly difficult to translate, given how it is fueled by comedy and the characters, albeit not as deep as they could be, are still cornerstones of the work and must be translated well in order to be effective.

Rather, the reason I dropped Zombie is because I liked the characters but wasn’t enamored by the plot. I could see myself getting emotionally attached to the characters, but I found myself not caring too much about what was actually happening. And while the characters make the novel worthwhile, missing that plot element makes it very difficult for me to get too motivated to sink huge amounts of time into this project.

However, we will have another translator for this project, so stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “KoreZombie will go on indefinite hiatus after Volume 2.

  1. Please keep us updated when/if someone takes this translation over, I like the series and it would suck if the translation had to stop!

  2. That sucks. But that’s life I guess…

    Thanks for translating as much as you did though! Hopefully someone does pick this up.

  3. I understand and I do agree with what you are saying, that Zombie requires A translation, not THE translation. I am also glad that you will put out good translations of godd novels, and I just hope that a translator will be able to pick up this great series.

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