Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 2, Chapter 2 Progress

Another progress bar!

CURRENT PROGRESS ON VOLUME 2, Chapter 1: 0.9% (Last Updated: 8/20/12)

New poll! Fun one, I hope:

No real news this time. Onwards with the translation!

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8 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 2, Chapter 2 Progress

  1. I would definitely pick the ferret option, only because then I will have achieved my life long goal about being able to go to the bathroom wherever the hell I want. AND look adorable doing it.

  2. Did you hear? Funimation is Dubbing the anime for this series, though I dont like some of the voices. Ayumu isnt good but I can deal with it, Sera sounds the same so thats pretty sweet, and Harunas I hate the most… it doesnt seem to fit her at all but maybe its because I watched it in japaneese first. I am sure if I watched it in english first it would sound normal but anyway acorrding to Funimation the season 1 box set is coming out on 12/4/12 and you can preorder it if your intrested.

      • Ya, I was thinking of staying away from it too after hearing Harunas voice but I decided what the heck ill get it anyway. Its a pain to get the videos to load on my computer let alone actually finding a video with good subs.

        • I used to watch dubs… then I realized that the subs were better in every way shape and form. Now, I start going crazy whenever I can’t find the subbed version of an anime I want to watch. Not a pretty sight, I assure you.

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