Volume 1 Done! Announcement of Short Hiatus

Hey all,

Volume 1 has been fully translated and is all uploaded. Thanks for all your support!

The PDF should be out within a week or so. When the PDF comes out, the link will be posted here: (Not released yet).

But sadly…

Hiatus KoreZombie

Yes, unfortunately, I will be taking a short break from KoreZombie translation (rather, from all translation) until after Otakon (end of July). There are a lot of preparations I have to make for that convention and I haven’t even begun yet. The plan was to finish translating Volume 1 of Zombie and Volume 3 of Oreimo, then to take a breather to catch up with other things.

If anybody else is going to Otakon, I often hang out in the karaoke room (sort of refreshing considering anime cons seem to be the only place where everyone else – male at least – sings WORSE than I do). I’ll be pretty noticeable considering I’m apparently the only one at cons who knows anime songs that aren’t mainstream pokemon naruto blarhghgaowhfoaewhfg. Or if you want to just meet and say hi, feel free to drop me an email.

I’ll still be checking the site and responding to comments in the meantime, but you shouldn’t expect any more KoreZombie out of me until late late July.

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7 thoughts on “Volume 1 Done! Announcement of Short Hiatus

  1. Ah.. a sad notice, but understandable.
    I really like this series, and I love your translation!

    Thanks for translating and for the good work! Waiting your return! =)
    (sorry if I mistype anything, eng isn’t my main language)

  2. That ok i mean your only human so of course you’ll need some R&R. I understand so ENJOY yourself and THANKS for all the hard work.

  3. Thanks for all your hard work! Even the Afterword, which I would’ve expected to be left undone. It was a very fun read, and one of the few light novels I’ve stuck with beyond more than just a chapter or so. Enjoy your break and Otakon.

  4. Hiatsus? ;_;

    Bakatsuki should help you on this, I know high school dxd is awsome, but seriously, this could be just as good..even though i like DxD more.

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