Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 1, Chapter 4 Progress

Volume 1 home stretch people! Here’s the new progress bar:

CURRENT PROGRESS ON VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 4, Epilogue, Afterword, Commentary: 100.0!!% (Last Updated: 7/9/12)

Random Thought of the Day (7/3): Sorry about being slow with the updates lately. A giant fuck-pile of VNs came out like this week, many from VN companies I actually like.

As for the next poll, I’ve been getting a lot of contradictory remarks for how I should translate Sera’s kuso-mushi. It started as “shitty insect,” but I believe it is now at “fucking insect.” So I thought I would just make a poll about it. Keep in mind that although I will take the poll into account, I am still going to decide what I think is best in the end, so even if a certain choice wins I might not change the translation to that. But if there’s an overwhelming majority in one direction I could be swayed.

Comments are welcome as always.

Well guys, here’s to getting the last chapter out in a timely fashion! Without any major hiccups, and most importantly, without any Diablo 3.

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10 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 1, Chapter 4 Progress

    • Although I’m not a huge fan of PoS, admittedly to an English speaking audience it is the most colloquial and familiar, so I can see how people would like it.

      I’m going to have to disagree about shit bug – I can’t think of many examples where two nouns put next to each other flows better than an adjective+noun, with the exception of common compound noun words (like tree house).

  1. I really hope this devolves into the whole translation being done by a vote. Word by word is up to the masses!

    What could go wrong?

  2. Hmmm… “Kuso mushi” must be “Shitty insect” lit. but is always used as “Piece of shit” as an insult, so whatever works fine.

    Nice to see another update 😀

  3. ‘Piece Of Shit’ would sounds more comfortable since she commonly insult Aikawa using that words. Just my opinion, whether u guys follow or not, its up to u…….shitty bug or insect? Sounds okay through, well, depends on u guys to decide

    • Lol yeah. I was expecting that to win as well. But I still find it to be such an Americanized translation that I’m still going to stay away from it to retain as much of the integrity of the original Japanese as possible.

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