Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 1, Chapter 2 Progress

Whoa, chapter 1 was translated faster than I expected. And let’s get crackin’ on Chapter 2:

CURRENT PROGRESS ON VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 2: 100.0%! (Last Updated: 6/9/12)

Update 6/9: Just a heads up – the entirety of chapter 2 should be up by the end of today.

And here’s another poll. Yes, this is the stereotypical “which girl would you choose?” poll with more words:

Feel free to leave a comment explaining your choice.

Also, this is a blanket statement for all comments etc. from now on: NO SPOILERS! Or at least, spoilers should be VERY, VERY CLEARLY marked. I don’t actually know what happens in this novel, and not knowing makes me translate faster. Spoil stuff and I’m gonna slow down to posting 1 chapter per year. You have been warned =p.

(6/4/12 EDIT) In other news, my books have finally arrived! I can happily stop leeching off someone else’s copy now.

Zombie Novel Set

2100 yen off a Yahoo Japan Auctions. Super worth it. And yes, that is a Hitagi bookmark. Hitagi is awesome.

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12 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 1, Chapter 2 Progress

  1. Sera, while you may be called names, from what I know of her (I just finished watching the anime, well still waiting on ep. 10), as long as your careful of one thing. At the end of the month you both should be in good healthy and alive form. I looked at this from a serious view and not a she’s my fav view. (My fav isn’t on the poll)

  2. Yuu. She’s by far the nicest person of the lot. The others may be amusing to watch (or read about), but that doesn’t mean I’d much want to deal with them personally.

  3. I’m REALLY happy that someone started translating this novel. I loved the history since I saw the Season 1. Thanks for the translation and for the good job!

    Sadly I can’t help, my japanese is very poor yet. ;_;

  4. Hey. Thanks a lot for translating this series, i really enjoyed the anime, and i am looking forward for the LN. BTW, how much did you pay for shipment of that auction? the shipping fee for Portugal (where I am from, obviously XD) it’s over 40 USD for just 1 book (which costs around 6-7 dollars) from amazon.co.jp,

    • Well, it’s a bit different here considering I shipped a lot of stuff together with the books (including a bunch of rather heavy figures). If you want an estimate, I would say that the books cost a total of around… 2000-2500 yen to ship? Via EMS of course.

      I’ve also had bad shipping experiences with Portugal in the past, since I do sell things on eBay occasionally and I have had customers from Portugal. I don’t know… maybe it’s just Portugal -_-.

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