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Progress Bar: Volume 5 Prologue posted!

Volume 5 Prologue Progress: 100%! (Last Updated 10/23/14)

V5 prologue finished!

Let’s keep the ball rolling. Here’s the new cover:

Also, I’ve posted around a ten page preview of V5 Chapter 1 on our forum (Click here!). As usual, it is in our member’s only section, so registration and two posts are required for viewing.

Happy reading!


Volume 4 complete!

Thanks to everyone for their support. Be on the lookout for Volume 5, coming soon!

By the way, we are still looking for one extra graphics typesetter to typeset color images in our translations. You can find more info here:

Volume 4 Chapter 4 complete!

Hooray! Only the epilogue and afterword left. Epilogue is well under way.

A preview of the first ~half of the epilogue has been posted in the member’s only section of our forum. If you’re impatient, go check it out! Click here! (forum registration + 2 posts required)

Chapter 4 in editing

Hi all,

Good news! Chapter 4 has been fully translated, and is now in the hands of the editors. I plan to post it at some point next week. For the impatient, I’ve posted the unedited version on our new members-only section on our forum (CLICK ME!) (you will need to register and have 2 posts before you can view).

Thanks all!


Chapter 4 in progress!

Back from Japan! Here’s a small Chapter 4 update in thanks for your patience.

Chapter 3 done!

Hi all,

Chapter 3 is now fully posted! Enjoy! Just to let you know, I will be in Japan for the next few weeks (Comiket and stuff), so I won’t be getting much translation done (if at all). I’ll be back around August 25.

If you want to hear about my trip I’ll probably be posting a few photos and comments as it happens here: Click me! If you want to comment, sign up for a forum account and share your thoughts!


New banner!

To add on to our ever-growing cast of characters, we’ve added a new banner onto the site, featuring Chris!

Also, a small but steady update today.


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