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Progress Bar: Volume 4 Chapter 1 in progress!

Volume 4 Chapter 1 Progress: 36.4% (Last Updated 1/5/14)

Back in action

Hey all,

The school term is done, my experiment is over (it went pretty well), so I am now back on a regular translation schedule. Yay!

However, those of you who have been following our group’s news might know that priorities have temporarily shifted a bit for me in terms of translation work. Before I get back to my three projects proper, I am going to be focusing solely on finishing the translation of Volume 1 of OreGaIru (). Our old translator is unfortunately no longer with our group, and although we already have a new translator waiting to pick up the project from Volume 2, we have to finish Volume 1 first. So I have taken up the task. In the grand scheme of things, I think ensuring that the OreGaIru project is alive and getting the translation it deserves is worth delaying everything else by a few weeks, and I appreciate your understanding on this matter.

After that volume is done, my plan is to then finish the next chapter of KoreZon, after which I will return to hopefully a fairly regular schedule split between KoreZon, Oreimo, and Sasami-san.

As usual, a huge thanks to all our readers for your support of ND thus far.


Status Update

This is a status update not only about Zombie, but for all my own personal translation projects (Oreimo, Zombie, Sasami).

I am currently in an insane phase of my graduate program – in addition to classes, I am heading a rather large international collaboration which is designing an important experiment that will have one single chance to succeed in early March; this could make or break my degree, so I am spending almost all my time making sure things are ready by March. Although I will still be very present on ND as a site administrator, making sure that everything is running smoothly, as far as translations go my own will slow to a trickle for the next month or so. I will come back to them in full force in March, but until then you shouldn’t expect too much new material from me personally (although I will still update if I get a bit of time in the midst of all this chaos).

Please continue to support our group; even though I am slowing down for a bit in my own translations, we still have a brilliantly talented cadre of translators, editors, administrators, and other staff who are working very hard to bring you quality translations of your favorite series. So rest assured that even in my absence, we will still continue producing the exceptional work we are becoming known for.

So until March, I will retire from my more visible role as translator and journey into the equally important but less public world of group management. Once again, I thank you all for the continual support, and I’ll see everyone on the other side.

Volume 3 PDF and ePub are out



Hi everyone,

Korezon volume 3 is now out in PDF format! The ePub format will follow shortly, meanwhile, enjoy!


- Whitesora

Update about the Vol 3 PDF/Epub

Hey all,

I know people are waiting for the volume 3 PDF/epub. I just got word that our typesetter assigned to this project is currently in bed with typhoid. Our other typesetter is currently busy with GJ-Bu Vol 1 typesets. So I apologize, but it looks like it may be a bit longer before you can read volume 3 in PDF.

We do have an opening for a new PDF typesetter now though, if you are interested in getting this PDF out sooner. Please take a look at the relevant post on the main page if interested.

Volume 4 Prologue done!

And off we go with Volume 4! Many antics to be had ahead.


Recruiting illustration typesetter!! Apply now!!


Hey all,

ND is now recruiting an illustration typesetter. Main duties will include typesetting all our super-pretty color illustrations and making them even prettier. Sometimes rendering characters out of images might also be required, but the color illustration typesetting is the major portion of the job.

We’re looking for someone with a decent amount of Photoshop experience who works well in a team setting. And the reason I’m mentioning this here is that our typesetting “test” is none other than one of the color illustrations from Zombie Vol 4! You can access the illustration and translation here:

The first person who submits an acceptable typeset of this illustration will get the position. Don’t wait around, apply now!

If interested, please send an email with your name/screenname, age (optional), and the above image typeset.

Volume 3 done!

Hooray! Volume 3 is completely done! Enjoy the read, and after a short breather I plan to start on Volume 4:

Look forward to it!


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